Nys Legal Vector

I didn`t even know that they were doing a safe act legal vector…….. Damn, I want one now. Upstate Guns and Munition in Schenectady I paid $1299 for it, an owner before me. Hey man, I think you can just call them and let them order you one, I don`t think they charge extra for orders the way I like it, how they look, but it`s hard for me to justify the pistol caliber mechanism without a full automatic. I wonder if it would go to, say, 0.45-70 Govt. I desperately want one!! I refuse to buy from Jerry`s, their price of $2,400 is outrageous given that the MSRP is $1,500 and Upstate sells them for it. I`ll keep an eye on Upstate for some actions. I like the technical aspect, whether it`s not fully automatic or not. They have ACP bucks of 9 mm, 10 mm and .45, this is the 9 mm variety.

Wait, is it removed, or does the canon just look like this? Please let me know where you bought, you have been looking for ages for a NY sAfE aCt compliant! This is the race sheet, to be sold as no pistol, you need a 16-inch barrel. But a long, thin piece of barrel looks weird, so they threw a shroud on it. Niiiiiiice! I`m in Southern California OC and I`m looking for one, but it`s out of stock everywhere I`ve looked!.