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You may not be sure about the size of the wedding pot because you suspect your spouse is hiding assets. Or you may just want to avoid a 28% capital gains tax on the family home or a real estate or commercial portfolio or other assets. Our family law lawyers in Nottingham understand what you are going through, including the challenges and emotions involved. They also understand how to overcome these obstacles and guide you through the process with the best possible legal advice, and connecting you to our extensive network of professionals and support resources, helping you move forward and rebuild. “Dilshad is a highly qualified mediator and my clients speak very well of him. I have either referred clients to family law mediation or reported them because I know the service they will receive will be excellent. I have been kept informed of the issues I have referred to family law mediation, which helps me tremendously, especially in deciding on the next steps in my client files. With an increased focus on mediation inside or outside court proceedings, it is important to retain a reliable mediation firm that also understands the complexities of family law matters. I cannot thank family law mediation enough for the brilliant work they have done. We now offer videoconferencing with all existing and new family clients as well as mediation clients. This is done via Zoom as well as Facetime and Skype. We can offer private mediation from all our offices. We help separate parties not to resolve their dispute in a conflictual manner.

We are now able to offer mediation discussions via Skype to clients whose obligations and responsibilities make it difficult to meet with a mediator in person. If you need family law mediation, our experienced and specialized team is just a phone call away. Contact us on 0800 1777121 for more advice or to make an appointment with one of our mediators. You can call us on 0115 7100114 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm to discuss your concerns about your family. Mediation helps you make decisions about things that are important to you and your family. It helps you find a way to plan for the future, whether it`s children or money or property, and agree on what works best for you without having to go to court. Mediation can save you time, money and stress. Since April 2014, before filing a family court application for children or financial matters, you must attend a mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM), unless exempt. Family mediation concerns finances after a long marriage with a dependent child, with the mother earning more than £150,000 a year and the husband earning less than 10% of this amount and being the primary caregiver of the child.

Assets in the order of £750,000 Our standard approach is to listen to you and help you resolve family issues at the table rather than in court when possible. When litigation is necessary, we have the legal knowledge and expertise to achieve the right outcome. However, avoiding a court is often best for everyone involved because of the extra time, stress, and expense typically associated with litigation. Most importantly, avoiding disputes for the most vulnerable family members is best for breaking up and breaking relationships. Children can also be severely affected by divorce much later in life. The welfare of children is the main concern in divorce and separation proceedings, even in the eyes of a family judge. The most helpful resources are our lawyers, so don`t hesitate to contact us if you need advice on urgent or serious family matters. Because this law firm specializes in divorce and separation, and with so many family law lawyers across the country, your lawyer has an unparalleled support network that you can rely on if needed. Our family law lawyers know and have experience in all family law matters.

Some of them have been involved in cases with unique elements or jurisprudence that might be more relevant to your situation. For example, some of our family lawyers focus heavily on children`s rights, including special guardianship orders, international child abduction and the Hague Conventions. Some of our lawyers have dealt with issues involving cryptocurrency elements and offshore trusts. Others are specialists in supporting professional athletes or families with farms and farms. Clients felt under control throughout the mediation process, not lost in a court process. They were able to close things more amicably and move forward more quickly to get on with their lives. For the separation or divorce of couples, where decisions about children, property and finances must be made, it is often necessary to resort to mediation before the courts can intervene. Domestic violence is an exception to this requirement. In cases where an exception is not applicable, mediation must first be attempted. If the couple who are separating or divorcing still want to go to court after mediation, they need a certificate that can only be issued by an accredited mediator. It is therefore important to appoint a fully accredited mediator, as only he or she can issue the certificate required by the courts.

Our team of experts at Nottingham Family Solicitors is led by Managing Partner, Rebecca Calden-Storr. MIAM gives you the opportunity to inform the mediator of your situation. The mediator will inform you of the mediation process. At the end of the MIAM, the mediator will let you know if your case is suitable for mediation and you can decide whether to proceed with mediation or consider another option to resolve the issues. The out-of-court channels offered by the firm include arbitration, mediation and collaborative law. Phone: 0115 7100114E-Mail: Since the firm`s founding (1982), we have specialized in all areas of family law. Whatever your situation, it will be familiar to us. You benefit from the collective knowledge of companies to find the best approach for you. We specialise in family mediation in Nottingham and we are here to help you and your family with any problems that may arise in trying to cope with what is happening. Leading a mother in a complex wealthy financial business after a divorce from her husband after a 20-year marriage with 3 adult children.

The assets are valued at around 5.5 million and include real estate in the UK and overseas, as well as a business in the Middle East. Total estimated asset value at approximately £5.5 million Mediation is currently conducted remotely via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. We have the option to use separate virtual rooms if necessary during a meeting. There is a simple screen sharing so that we can view all the documents at once. The Divorce Directory – a resource full of support professionals to help you break relationships and rebuild Secure direct contact for a father through robust challenges to false and unfounded accusations against him. The mother had issued a childcare order and a restraining order without notice, with the result that the father had been unjustly deprived of any time with his two young children.