Name for Legal Process

The adjective injunction is more commonly used in the United States. a lawsuit filed by a woman against a man to determine that he is the father of her child and therefore responsible for financial support, mainly journalism a court case or a political issue that interests many people and via legalAmerican a list of cases waiting to be legally reviewed by a court, mainly British, who are involved in a court case, to provide evidence and other documents. Disclosure is sometimes called discovery (of documents). the formal process by which a court case is initiated the principle that a court decision of a senior judge must be followed in future cases, or an example of such a decision legally at the first hearing of a case before the court the process of going to court for something to be officially decided by law to be legal, which is handed over to a lawyer for preparation and subsequent argumentation, court the procedure in which a case is brought before a court. This type of action is also known as a legal action. the fact that a court may hear a second trial in a court that takes place because the first trial was found unfair or ended without a formal verdict in order to prevent something like a trial from continuing a hearing in a trial used to decide the evidence; A witness or jury member should be allowed or not: Taking someone to court to find out if they are guilty of a crime A system in which the government pays for people to seek advice on the law or be represented in court if they don`t have enough money to do so an order from a judge to stop or delay something. a statement you make to a judge or someone else; who reviews your case. to show or make you believe that someone has been guilty of a crime in England and Wales, a preliminary trial to decide whether a crime will be tried by the Magistrates` Court or the Crown Court American, a trial in which no verdict can be rendered. A process that a government organizes for political reasons and decides on its outcome before the process begins. a formal request to a court or similar authority to change its decision. A formal attempt by a court to determine the cause of a person`s death A lawsuit or complaint someone brings to court A simple court case that can be decided quickly.