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MALDEF, along with the ACLU, sued Los Angeles County in 1981, accusing the county of organizing electoral districts to thwart Hispanic political power. There have been significant changes in district lines. [1] In order to secure a fair share of funding for downtown Los Angeles schools, MALDEF filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1992. [1] In 1974, MALDEF President Vilma Martinez founded the Chicana Rights Project (CRP). [5] The project focused on the unique legal issues of Mexican-American women. It was not until 1983 that funding ran out. [5] [6] During its first three years of existence, MALDEF mainly dealt with mutual legal assistance cases. MALDEF then participated in cases of workplace discrimination and school funding with LDF, including Supreme Court cases through memoranda from friends of the court. Demetrio Rodriguez et al. v. The San Antonio Independent School District was a defeat because the court ruled against equal funding for education.

White, et al. v. Regester et al. was an important victory. The case created one-man districts for Texas County, City Council, and school districts, and ended the general vote that had weakened minority voting power. In 1989, MALDEF won in the Edgewood Independent School District v. State of Texas. The Texas Supreme Court declared state funding for education unconstitutional and ordered the legislature to change it. [3] This led to the “Robin Hood” funding system, which required wealthier school districts to donate to a fund for poorer districts. However, this did not lead to equality in education, as wealthy districts could choose to spend even more on themselves.

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Often described as the. (continued) Founded in 1968, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) is the country`s leading Latin American non-profit legal organization. Often referred to as the law firm of the Latin American community, MALDEF promotes equality and justice through litigation, advocacy, public policy and community building in the areas of employment, immigrant rights, suffrage, education and language rights. MALDEF strives to implement structured programs to bring Latinos into the mainstream of American political and socio-economic life. provide better educational opportunities; promote participation in all aspects of society; and offers a positive vision for the future. Unique to MALDEF is an approach that combines advocacy, education and process strategies to achieve socio-economic change. (minus) This was not the last time that MALDEF filed a lawsuit for equal opportunities in education. In LULAC et al. v. Richards et al., a 1987 class-action lawsuit, accused the state of Texas of discriminating against Mexican Americans in South Texas for insufficient college funding. In the University of Texas system, UT`s Austin campus (historically the campus frequented by more children of the state`s elite) actually received more funding than all other campuses combined.

The jury found the state not guilty of discrimination, but found that the legislature had not established “world-class” colleges and universities elsewhere in the state. To avoid further embarrassing lawsuits, the legislature passed the South Texas Initiative to improve the schools in the University of Texas system in Brownsville, Edinburgh, San Antonio, and El Paso, and the Texas A&M university system in Corpus Christi, Laredo, and Kingsville. The Higher Education Council of the border region contributed to the adoption of the legislation and monitored the progress of the programme. Today, the situation has improved somewhat, although UT Austin still receives a disproportionate share of funding. [ref. needed] In 2010, the Arizona Fund strongly opposed SB1070,[8] the toughest and most comprehensive anti-immigration measure seen in the United States in generations. [9] The fund stated that it could challenge the constitutionality of the law. [8] Sources include: IRS Form 990 and the | website of Los Angeles CA. IRS Year of Administration: 1967 | A: 74-1563270 MALDEF is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with regional offices in the United States. For general inquiries, please call (213) 629-2512 or or consult our list of regional offices. For media inquiries, please contact Or you can write directly to

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