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When quality is most important, we are the experts. Independent means independent. Owned and operated by doctors. Provide forensic assessments that penetrate critical issues. Our specialist medical experts work with insurers and lawyers across Australia. Find a medical expert available near you. In one case, our experts often prepare joint medico-legal opinions for both parties. Our reports are reviewed by a qualified lawyer with forensic training. Doctors working with a lawyer trained by ABIME – a real forensic team Our experts consult with other experts to clarify, explain or resolve disagreements. MSBC`s medical experts come from a wide range of disciplines, including orthopedic surgeons, occupational physicians, general surgeons, psychiatrists and other specialties.

Note: Dr. Geoff Askin is not a forensic pathologist. MSBC pioneered quality control in the forensic industry. Our comprehensive surgeries ensure that medical reports are not only received on time, but also answer all your questions. Our reports are easy to read and crystal clear. Our medical and professional experts provide independent reports and assessments on all elements of personal injury, compensation, pension and disability claims, including medical negligence. Our experienced in-house litigation lawyers provide training, education and support to ensure strong evidence for strong conferences and court appearances. Our physicians understand the role and legal and ethical obligations of the independent medical expert. We understand that personal injury requires objective, evidence-based and watertight medico-legal reporting.

Our medical and professional experts serve the tubular and regional areas of Queensland, both in person and by video. Find an expert in Queensland below. Being evidence-based, objective and relevant is paramount in cases of personal injury. That`s why everything we do is based on the highest level of expertise, knowledge and experience. MLEA is recognized for the quality, reliability and objectivity of its reports and reviews. Our in-house research team ensures that we are always up to date with the latest legislation, applicable law and clinical knowledge. Our forensic services are 100% compliant with the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses and are guaranteed to be 100% eligible – or we waive our fees. Our experts provide reliable expert opinions for plaintiff and defendant cases.

To maintain the rate of harm, we have increased our immediate ability to conduct medico-legal assessments of occupational therapy, either in-clinic or via secure videoconference. Easy access to a computer is all you need. BOSMC can support and provide medico-legal advice on a range of issues that can be used in areas such as occupational health and safety and other litigation. We accompany our clients every step of the way, from the appointment request to the end. Carefully selected independent medical panel, supported by an attentive and dedicated team. We build our reputation on quality, excellent service and a commitment to professionalism. Our doctors are able to give informed and reliable opinions. Maybe your trial has been advanced or you have a settlement conference. Whatever the deadline, we will work with you to make it happen in a timely manner. That`s why we invest so much in optimizing our testing, expert training and quality assurance to ensure we stay current with legislation, case law and clinical research at all times. If your report does not comply 100% with the Code of Conduct for Experts, you will not pay. Companies with revenues of less than $3 million must also disclose breaches when handling personal information or providing health services.

Many IME appointments can be viewed via our secure online video conference. To arrange a reservation, please call us on 1300 333 767. A report to include additional medical information after the initial report. Adept Independent Medico-Legal Experts provides a bespoke service to Queensland lawyers, insurance professionals, self-insured businesses, government departments and legal agencies. If physical examinations are not possible, we offer the following additional services: Select countries. ACTInternationalNew South WalesNSWNTQLDQueenslandSATASVICWA assessment by two specialists for complex or long-term cases where secondary psychological illness may be involved. The MSBC Medical Committee includes Workcover-trained specialists, Certified Injury Management Consultants (IMCs), Workers` Compensation Board (AMS) dispute assessors, and Motor Accident Authority (MAA) trained physicians. For more information, please contact our clinical administration team.

Video reviews with AMA5 and PIRS specialists across the state. Orthopaedic surgeon available for personal examinations on the Gold Coast. Forensic Psychiatrist Available for personal examinations in Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Cairns, Rockhampton and for video consultation. Orthopaedic surgeon available for personal examinations in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as well as video consultations. Michael is knowledgeable and highly educated in a number of areas, including IT, business law and tax law and organizational management, to name a few. Have you been there? Did you book an independent medical examination (IME) but had little confidence that the person would actually participate? Dedicated account managers work proactively with our clients to closely monitor efficiency and performance, providing targeted support, training and professional consulting services. Next year, the life insurance industry will come under scrutiny, not only as part of a parliamentary inquiry, but also as part of an ongoing investigation by the industry`s regulator. Maia has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and is trained by UNSW in impairment assessment methods. Being judged by an expert is a new experience for most candidates. Our priority is to help your client feel comfortable throughout the process.

We`ve put together some useful information your client needs before making an appointment with MLEA. 2000 – 2021 © All rights reserved. MSBC Pty Limited A clinical opinion without personal judgment of the applicant. The assessment of a permanent impairment is often considered the final step in managing a compensable injury. A creative, technology-driven company offering a wide range of medical services. We look forward to seeing our customers face to face in Cairns and Townsville. Click below for availability. Our dedicated litigation team creates practical resources for lawyers based on the work and research we do here every day. Listen to the IML podcast for clear, practical, and quick discussions about judgments, assessments, evidence, and quantum issues that all bodily injury practitioners want to keep informed.

T (07) 3834 7075F (07) 3834 6637E If you`re looking for tips to help you reference or prepare your employee for an NDE, read on. Personal examinations in Brisbane, Logan, Toowoomba, Darling Downs, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns. We have experience in applying relevant directives such as AMA, GEPI and Comcare. The Secretary of State for Social Services defends the ministry`s security procedures, while AFP investigates the revelation that details of Australians` maps are for sale online. Select Portfolio Capabilities. Clinical psychologistColorectal surgeonGeneral surgeonNeurologistNeurosurgeonNeurosurgeonOccupational therapistOrthopedic surgeonPain therapyPain medicinePsychiatristPsychogeriatricianVascular surgeon. QLD | New South Wales | | of CIV SA | WA | TAS | | ACT NT | International expert testimony before the court of the clinician who conducted the assessment. Important information about what to expect at your appointment.

We attach great importance to expertise, as do the courts. The opinion is always prepared by a highly qualified and experienced specialist. We all maintain an active number of cases to stay current with current research and clinical practice. Yasmin has an art degree, has an eye for detail, leads our quality assurance team and achieves an error-free independent medical reporting rate of 99.998%. A forensic assessment takes the standard independent medical examination to the next level. An assessment of whether an employee can perform the essential and inherent duties of their role without risk to themselves or others. Neurologist Available for personal examinations in Townsville and for a video consultation. Quality is fundamental to our success as an organization and is an integral part of our culture and philosophy.

Quality assurance at MSBC is about inspection, control, monitoring and prevention. Select topics. AbusAMA4AMA5AMA6ComCareGARP(DVA)GEPI1GEPI2Institutional abuseMedical negligenceNT Worksafe Guidelines for Assessing Permanent ImpairmentPIRSSIRASuperanannuation & Total Invalidment ClaimsWorkCover Tasmania AccreditedWorkers Compensation Guidelines for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (4th ed.) WorkSafe Victoria Accredited Our specialists have academic and clinical qualifications at the highest level with many years of experience.