MOPGP is a scientific forum within which researchers and practitioners can meet and learn from each other about recent developments in Multi-Objective Decision Making and Multi-Criteria Decision Aid. MOPGP aims to disseminate knowledge about Multiple Criteria Decision Aid and its applications, encouraging interest and training Doctorate Candidates in Multi-Objective Decision Making and Multi-Criteria Decision Aid field of study and promoting rigorous use of Multi-Objective Decision Making and Multi-Criteria Decision Aid tools in solving real decision-making situations.

A broad range of topics will be covered during the conference. Papers related to the following topics are suitable for submission to the conference:

  • Theories and applications of MOP/GP
  • Fuzzy sets, soft computing and MOP/GP
  • Neural networks, meta-heuristics and MOP/GP
  • Interactive MOP/GP methods
  • Evolutionary MOP
  • Discrete and combinatorial MOP/GP
  • Stochastic MOP/GP
  • Fuzzy MOP/GP
  • Dynamic MOP/GP
  • Business applications of MOP/GP (Finance, Management, Marketing, …)
  • Engineering applications of MOP/GP
  • All other topics in relation to MOP/GP