The program can be downloaded here.

We have added 176 confirmed addresses  as guests to the MOPGP_2021 team on Teams from the AI Institute.

– We will recall the attendants that the Teams platform needs to be used (downloaded or online), available at:

– Each speaker is allowed 15 minutes: the best would be to allow at most 11 to 12 minutes for the talk and  4  or 3 minutes for Q&A and technically moving on to the next speaker.

– The programme, abstract and key notes are available on the MOPGP Teams in the “General” channel. While you can always go back to the Tracks 1 or 2 meeting by going through the channel for each of them (see screen shot below).  It is also easy to just click the links (in blue on the pdf of the programme appended ) to go to the corresponding track.