MOPGP is a scientific forum within which researchers and practitioners can meet and learn from each other about recent developments in Multi-Objective Decision Making and Multi-Criteria Decision Aid. MOPGP aims to disseminate knowledge about Multiple Criteria Decision Aid and its applications, encouraging interest and training Doctorate Candidates in Multi-Objective Decision Making and Multi-Criteria Decision Aid field of study and promoting rigorous use of Multi-Objective Decision Making and Multi-Criteria Decision Aid tools in solving real decision-making situations.

A broad range of topics will be covered during the conference. Papers related to the following topics are suitable for submission to the conference:

  • Theories and applications of MOP/GP
  • Fuzzy sets, soft computing and MOP/GP
  • Neural networks, meta-heuristics and MOP/GP
  • Interactive MOP/GP methods
  • Evolutionary MOP
  • Discrete and combinatorial MOP/GP
  • Stochastic MOP/GP
  • Fuzzy MOP/GP
  • Dynamic MOP/GP
  • Business applications of MOP/GP (Finance, Management, Marketing, …)
  • Engineering applications of MOP/GP
  • All other topics in relation to MOP/GP

Special sessions

  1. Application of MOP/GP to Healthcare domain

    Session Co-Chairs:

    • Pr. Abdelaziz Dammak, MODILS, University of Sfax, Tunisia
    • Pr. Abdelwaheb Rebai, MODILS, University of Sfax, Tunisia
    • Dr. Malek Masmoudi, University Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France


    The health care system is facing unprecedented challenges and particularly a serious economic pressure.Researchers in OR/MS community are involved to provide efficient Health Care Decisional Support Systems to help health care managers make best decisions both in the context of normal activity and in the presence of perturbations. In addition, most of the time, several criteria and several objectives are considered in the decision making which presents an interesting field of application for Multi-Objective Decision Making and Multi-Criteria Decision Aid tools.

    The aim of this special session is to discuss the application of Multiple Objective Programming and Goal Programming to the Healthcare domain. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Planning and scheduling problems,
    • Resources design and management,
    • Supply chain and care network,
    • Uncertainty and risk management.
  2. More to come…